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I 've written a lot of stories and obviously not everything has been published in a book. I hope you enjoy reading these:



Goldilocks and the three bears. 

What Goldilocks did next.

Jack and his fabulous cat. (Puss in Boots)

 King Midas: who wished for a wish but then wished he didn't!

Mother Christmas


TALES FROM WALES - featuring Twm Sion Cati, the Welsh Robin Hood.

('Twm' in Welsh is pronounced 'Tom'.  So his name in English is pronounced 'Tom Shon Catty'.) 

He is not exactly the same as Robin Hood.  He was an outlaw. He certainly did rob from the rich.  Unfortunately he wasn't quite so good at giving to the poor! His reputation is really as more of a joker and trickster.


Twm Sion Cati and the cow

Twm Sion Cati and the Cooking Pot

Twm Sion Cati and the Sheep

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