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Mum says I'm not to eat with my fingers:


'You're Not to Eat With Your Fingers'.


And I say:


'Why? I always eat with my fingers.'


And Dad says:


'Because people will talk, unless you use a knife

And fork…


People will point and go:


‘Goodness Gracious Yuk!

Look at him.

That lad over there.

Eating like a pig!

He's got no table manners at all. '


And I say:


'I don't care.

I don't want table manners

And anyway I thought it was rude to point!'


And dad says:

'Well they might not point, but they'll still Talk.


They'll probably say:

Those poor parents!

What an awful child!

Now if we were his Mum and Dad we'd know what to do!

We'd make double sure

He always used his knife and fork.


We'd string them onto his fingers

And stick them there with glue!


They'd be there for ever

And always!

Yes! That's what we'd do

If he was our lad

If I was his dad!'



And I say:





(But you wouldn't




Would you?)


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