If I was an animal


I would be a guinea pig.


I would have soft brown fur and a little black nose.



If I was a guinea pig


I would live in a big wooden hutch at the bottom of the garden.


I would have a nest box full of cotton wool and soft moss


And I would sleep a lot.



If I was a guinea pig


I would have a little ramp going down to my run.


And inside the run there would be long grass to hide in,


and long tubes to squeeze through.



If I was a guinea pig


I would eat sunflower seeds and carrots every day,


(But no celery or cheese please. )



If I was a guinea pig


I would be very clean.


I would smell of fresh air and green hay.


I would lick my long white whiskers


And wash behind my ears


And my fur would be shinier than silk.   



If I was a guinea pig


I would be looked after by a little girl,  


Who would love me so much,


That she would run all the way back from school to see me.


She would change my water and fill up my bowl with food,


But if it was raining,


She might take me inside to play.



If I was a guinea pig I would never bite anyone.


And I would never chew up the carpet.


And I would


Never Ever


Do poos in the corner!



If I was a guinea pig


Everyone in the family would smile and want me on their laps.


They would take turns to stroke me,


And sometimes it would feel so nice


I would squeak.



But if I was a guinea pig,


And we were watching East Enders,


I wouldn’t squeak


‘Til the very end. 




© 2018Jonathan Shipton Childrens' Books.

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