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Wa-hoo 1 cover.jpg
Wa-hoo 1 back cover.jpg

Wa-Hoo! is about Donor Dads and features a heterosexual couple

Wa-hoo 2.jpg

Wa-Hoo! 2 is about Donor Mums and features a heterosexual couple

wahoo3 cover.jpg

WA-HOO!- 3 is about Donor seed

and features a solo mum.

To see sample pages go to Jon's Blog or click on the covers above.

Overseas Sales

(prices include postage) 

Wa-hoo 1 cover.jpg
Wa-hoo 2.jpg
Wolfie cover.jpg

All Wolfie wanted to do was play but of course nobody believed him. They took one look at those big, sharp teeth and ran away.

Until one day a little girl got lost in the woods and everything changed...

Wolfie paperback £6.99 plus £3 UK postage.

Wolfie really wanted to help.jpg
Baby baby blah blah blah blah!

When her parents tell Emily that they are going to have a baby, she makes a list of the pros and cons of what is to come, which includes everyone saying baby this and baby that and baby blah blah blah when it arrives. But the pros prevail in this ultimately reassuring book.

Baby Baby paperback £5.99 plus £3 UK postage.

Lucky Duck cover.jpg
lucky duck blurb.jpg

Lucky Duck paperback £7.99 including postage

There are lots of pre-owned Jonathan Shipton books out there. This is a good search engine.

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