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I live in Carmarthenshire, South Wales, with lovely Vivien who is an artist print-maker. I've got five children and six grandchildren.


I've always loved reading and writing. I was quite a lonely child and spent a lot of my childhood with my nose in a book. I think I first started telling stories when I was sent away to boarding school at six or seven years old.  I was not a happy bunny!

I slept in a big room called a dormitory with about twenty other children but instead of being good little boys and going to sleep we used to take it in turns to tell  stories.

I discovered that I was quite good at story telling. I specialised in ghost stories. The secret  was to end on an exciting bit, so that the next night everyone would want to know What Happened Next... 



To find out a bit more about me and writing then the author hotline site is good:

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